Special Touches To Make Your Child's First Camping Experience Easier

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Special Touches To Make Your Child's First Camping Experience Easier

Special Touches To Make Your Child's First Camping Experience Easier

9 January 2017
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If you are planning on sending your child to summer camp for the first time, you are most likely excited about the adventures they will soon be experiencing. While the prospect in going to a sleep away camp is exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming for your child if they had never been away from home for an extended time period in the past. Here are some fun ways you can make the transition from home to camp easier for your child.

Pack Some Reminders From Home

To help your child, since at times they can feel upset when they are away from friends and family, when their camping session begins, pack a few items that bring the comforts of home with them. A warm blanket or a favorite stuffed animal will instantly make their bunk feel a bit more relaxing and will have the scent from their own personal area. A picture of the family, a pet, or friends can be looked at whenever your child feels a bit lonely. Add a personal note among your child's clothing for them to discover when going through their items as well.

Add A Camera So Your Child Can Share Memories

If your child does not have a cell phone of their own or if the camp frowns upon having electronics on the premises, a few throw away cameras will be a welcome addition to your child's packed belongings. They will be able to bring a camera on their outings when hiking to take photographs of wildlife and plants so they can show them to you when they get back home. Pictures of new friends can be taken to remember the new bonds that were made while enjoying their camping session too.

Give Your Child Some Activities To Do During Free Time

Your child will have some time in their cabin or tent where they may want to have something to do to pass their time. Consider packing a puzzle book and pencils or some reading material for your child to browse during these stints. Add a list of items you wish for your child to find while they are away and have them cross them off scavenger hunt style as they discover them in the camping area. They can also take pictures of these items as proof if you desire. Include a plastic sandwich bag with a cut up photograph or a treasure map for them to put together for fun. These small items will be sure to put a smile on your child's face and they may be eager to share their discoveries with their new friends.

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