Prevent Distracted Distracted Driving Issues For Your Teen Using These Simple Tips

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Prevent Distracted Distracted Driving Issues For Your Teen Using These Simple Tips

Prevent Distracted Distracted Driving Issues For Your Teen Using These Simple Tips

28 December 2016
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Distracted driving is a hot topic among teenagers who are first getting their license due to the dangers of texting. However, it is also important to make sure that your teen knows how to avoid other types of distraction that can interfere with their ability to drive safely. Talk to your teen about these simple strategies for getting mentally prepared before they hit the roads.

Map Out the Route

Technology has made it virtually impossible for your teenager to get lost on their way to a new place. However, constantly checking their car's GPS or their smartphone map app requires their attention to be diverted from the road. Since all it takes is a few precious seconds for an accident to occur, it is better for your teen to familiarize themselves with the route before they take off. This will also help them to find out if there are roadblocks along the way of which they should be aware, such as construction zones or vehicle accidents.

Limit Passengers

Sure, it may seem mighty convenient to have an extra driver in the house, especially when you have younger kids that need to be toted to school and other activities. However, avoid the temptation to load your teenager up with younger siblings who may cause a distraction in the back seat. You will also want to encourage your teen to avoid driving friends around until they gain experience. This way, they can drive without having to focus on keeping up with conversations that are happening in the car.

Set Up Before You Go

Using the safety features on your car is essential for preventing accidents. Yet, every time your teen tries to adjust their mirrors or figure out how to turn on the windshield wipers takes both their eyes and hands off the road. Ask your teenager to spend a few minutes making sure everything is ready in the car before they leave. This will ensure that they never suddenly discover that they cannot see out of a side mirror when it is time to change lanes.

Mental alertness is critical for teens who have not yet accumulated much experience driving on the roads. In driving school, your teen will learn about the many types of distractions that can occur while driving. By knowing how to reinforce these essential lessons, you can make sure your new driver is always mentally prepared to get behind the wheel.

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